Renovation vs Restoration vs Remodel


Renovation vs Restoration vs Remodel

The itch has finally come... You are ready to tackle some construction projects around the house.  Are you Remodeling? Are you Renovating? Perhaps you are tackling a Restoration project? Or maybe, you are like many others and simply do not know the difference between the three “R’s”.  

Before beginning any projects in your home, it is important to understand the differences between a Renovation, Restoration and Remodel.  While there are similarities between all options, each has a distinctive identity. And depending on your vision, one of the three will apply.  So, let’s dive in!


A Restoration project means you are returning a home to its original identity using the home’s original design and materials.  For example, let’s say you found your dream Victorian home. It’s everything you absolutely wanted. Only one problem… the “Victorian” needs the TLC before your dream becomes a reality.  You don’t want to change the layout but you simply need to restore your dream home back to its Victorian glory, hence Restoration.

We commonly see Restoration projects in historic buildings and neighborhoods.  Often times, older homes have been in the hands of many owners over the years with changes that don’t reflect the home’s original style.  One example is carpeting installed on top of the original hardwood floors. So a simple start to a Renovation project would be removing the carpeting to reveal, repair and refinish the hardwood floors to their original beauty.  Restoration typically uses fewer resources, which may be cost effective. But a larger budget may be necessary if you are wanting to find exact replicas of fixtures and finishes or if any necessary repairs are required.


Renovation is the opposite of Restoration.  You are happy with the layout of your home or specific space but desire a fresh, upgraded look.  Renovation focuses more on appearances, like changing the countertops from laminate to granite. Let’s say that you love the layout of your living room but want to give it a more modern look by resurfacing the fireplace facade and hearth.  This is a Renovation.

The options are endless… changing out cabinets, adding tile and upgrading to technology (Smart Home).  Replacing old windows with new ones. Painting walls and upgrading lighting fixtures. All of these examples are simply fixing what is already there or adding new elements without changing the structure or layout of your home.  A Renovation is typically more cost effective than a Remodeling. In a nutshell… If you want an update, renovate!


Time for a change!  Let’s say you just inherited Grandma Marge’s old house.  And while you love the nostalgic feeling, you quickly start to see the house through new eyes.  You immediately notice that the kitchen is too small, there is moldy carpet in the bathroom… “ewww!”, and the old fireplace might just be a fire hazard.  As you continue to walk around, you take note that the ceilings are too low, closets are too small and there is only one bathroom... which just will not do!  Now these are good reasons to Remodel.

Remodeling a home is much more involved than a Restoration or Renovation because it transforms an entire room, or possibly the entire home, and may actually change the original structure and functionality of the space.  Remodeling will be the more costly option as well. Be sure to check out our recent blog post, “Realistic Remodel Budgets” to better understand what to expect.

So let’s recap…

Restoration = restore

Renovate = update

Remodel = change

Do you know which home project you’ll be taking on?  If you are struggling to decide which option is the best for you, simply contact us. Maverick Home Remodeling, Inc. offers three services:  Pre-Construction, Construction and Consulting. Our dedicated and experienced team will help you in deciding what is best for your journey for you and your home.  Call us today!

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