Your Very Own Spa Oasis


That’s right, you read that correctly! Imagine lounging in your very own spa oasis. Soaker tubs, heated floors, double sinks, walk-in showers, storage for days and a double-sided fireplace… check, check - “insert screams here”

When you think of a home remodel, what do you think of first?

Most people would venture to say that the kitchen is number one, and for most it is. But we are here to tell you that master bathroom remodels make people go “Ga Ga” - including us. Think about it for a second… where is the one place you can escape and be alone? THE BATHROOM! So why not make it an oasis? Trendy pink tiled bathrooms from the 50’s is out. Luxury is in. Let’s dive in!

First, it’s important to consider your floors and walls.

Think porcelain tile… it comes in many, many looks like travertine, marble, faux wood, colors, patterns and more.  Plus, porcelain is easy care and durable.  If your space allows, have a soaker tub and a separate walk-in shower. Get a little crazy and add heated floors beneath your tile and convert your walk-in shower to a dual-use steam room. You’ll love it, especially after an intense workout!

When painting your walls, think earthy.

Choose nature-inspired light colors like beige, gray, green, blue, etc. These colors pair nicely with tile, cabinets and solid stone countertops plus instill a sense of tranquility in the space. In addition, make use of natural light. If you have a window in the bathroom keep it. If you don’t, add one. If you can’t, strategically add recessed can lighting to help with that “natural light” feeling. Speaking of lighting, always add dimmer switches to soften the mood for those romantic nighttime bath getaways! (Also helps with those early mornings to allow your eyes to adjust back from slumberland.)


Next, focus on your plumbing fixtures.

Get your favorite soaker tub and be sure to build in shelving around for towels, candles, soaps, bath bombs and more! Consider investing in a good Rain Shower Head. There is nothing more relaxing than standing below an amazing waterfall of soothing rain drops. Speaking of water, we always recommend a double sink vanity, especially if you are sharing with a significant other. Get a gorgeous natural stone countertop with enough storage below for all of your essential sundries. Most important, at least for us, is music. Install a speaker system throughout your bathroom to set the mood in your spa oasis.

Finally, add decor and little knickknacks.

Get cute baskets and wood crates for additional storage. Splurge on your bathroom rugs, towels, and make sure to get yourself a nice robe - nothing makes you feel more fancy than a robe! Pair some foliage with your natural stone. Bring in a nice orchid or bamboo to add a little flare. Continue this trend with some dry elements like driftwood or lavender. Fill the space with amazing scents by adding candles, reed diffusers, soaps or potpourri.

So now that we have you in Zen bliss, perhaps it’s time to get your very own spa oasis?

Remodeling your master bathroom adds value to your home, your life and your at-home spa experience. That’s worth it in our book!

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Adam Berlin in Littleton, CO on Houzz