It's Time For Your Perfect Holiday Kitchen!


Alright… you’ve made it through Thanksgiving. The family is gone. You’re chewing on that last bit of leftover turkey while downing a glass of wine. Now you’re thinking to yourself, “I wish I had more countertop space.” The time has come to get your perfect kitchen!

The kitchen is the heartbeat of the house so naturally it’s the number one gathering spot during the Holidays. Regardless of where you have lived throughout your lifetime, no matter how small or how large your family is, everyone always seems to congregate in the kitchen. So why not make it the best room in the house?

Now imagine the space you can have by Thanksgiving next year. Imagine “stations” in your kitchen. Grandma prepping the jelly mold at one countertop station, Dad carving the turkey at another station, and you prepping the dinner rolls with enough space to move around freely without bumping into one another. Now imagine all your guests are sitting around your sociable kitchen island sipping on their favorite libation while you are cooking and entertaining… all at the same time in the same space. THIS, is the Perfect Holiday Kitchen.

Speaking of Perfect Holiday Kitchens, have you ever heard of a dump station? No? You’ll love it… When the dirty dishes start coming into the kitchen from all of your guests, you’ll know exactly where to pile them up to wash later WITHOUT them being in the way. This. Is. Huge. Dump Station. Write it down.

Our Maverick team has done numerous kitchen remodels and while we love them all, we couldn’t help but share this project. Check out the transformation below! Swipe right for before and left after.

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